“TO CHANGE IS NOT TO AGE” is the motto of our Research and Development space at BZ, the place where the collective creativity that later culminates in the design and execution of each and every one of our menus emerges.


In our I+D, one of our priorities is to make the most of our gastronomic proposal and for this, we have developed an area of ferments, conservation and waste management, so that all our dishes make the most of our raw material.


A gastronomic experience will be complete and unforgettable if both, kitchen and dining room, are at the same level.

In Balcón del Zócalo we understand the room service as our own philosophy, therefore, we are aware of the importance it has in the experiences we offer to our guests.

El Ruido de Sala arises as a project of our I+D with the objectives of exposing the service as a gastronomic trend, to make gastronomy students become excellent dining room professionals, a continuous improvement in our service experience and above all and most importantly, to create our own style of service.


At Balcón del Zócalo we want to give gastronomy students their first job because we know how difficult it is to enter this industry. For this reason, our internship program collaborates with more than 30 universities and always hires its interns as a first choice. Through this program, we now have a passionate and loyal gastronomic team. We have reduced our staff turnover to less than 2.5%.